Basic White Soap

Basic White Soap


Basic White soap is the white bar. You can use it for your face, hands, and bath. It makes a good shaving soap, like in the movies. Use it as a spot remover by just wetting the garment and rubbing the bar on the soiled area. Grate some and mix with water to make a concentrated laundry gel that can be scrubbed into stubborn stains. Grating the bar fine automatically makes it ready to be used in the washer (cold water washes need to have the gel to work well). 


If you ever get into poision ivy or poison oak, this is the one to wash with to take the burning, itchy boils away. It also works well for leather and saddle soap. 

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We live in the cold northern part of MN on an 80 acre farm and make homemade soap with no added colors, scents, or perfumes.

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