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   I'm Danyel, I have an amazing husband, Thomas, and eleven wonderful children. We live in the cold nothern part of MN on an 80 acre farm and try to be self-sufficient. Making homemade soap is one of the ways we can do that. Not only do we use it, but we wouldn't be without it. Many of our family members have sensitive skin, so it's a necessity. 

   This recipe has been used in our family since my Great Grandmother Olava and I'm sure it will be for generations to come.


   Pure homemade soap is a wonderful product and very gentle to the skin. My Grandma Petra used to say, "You can tell a good bar of soap if you bite it and it doesn't bite back." I use only virgin tallow for making my soap to get a pure, even consistency that is longer lasting than other bars. Lye is the other ingredient besides water and sounds harsh except for the way it neutralizes when mixed with the fat and cured. Pure soap is an excellent cleanser and contains natural glycerin which is soothing to the skin. 


Perfumes, colors, and weight-making fillers have not been added to ensure that it can be used by people with even the most sensitive skin. 

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We live in the cold northern part of MN on an 80 acre farm and make homemade soap with no added colors, scents, or perfumes.

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